Thursday, April 16, 2009

wha, what?

Oh hi there~ this is my first attempt at a blog, as you call it. What a funny word, really. With Bob's encouragement and guidance, I've decided to make an attempt at this fun stuff. What a great hobby and escape this can be, I bet. As Bobbi had said, our memories aren't as sharp as I'd like. What a great way to journal your thoughts and funny, exciting, memorable times! Oh look you can add movies and photos, lots to learn and do here. I've got some great examples with Bobbi's and the Banks bunch's sites. They all look so fun and informative. I'm afraid our lives are a lot less exciting then yours. :) Well Brandies especially..busy with all those little, cute, rowdy, babies! I need to get in my mind, that this doesn't have to be permanently online, and I can change it anytime or add to it, right? So I need to just go for it~ all for now. I'll think of something profound later, yeah right. ***Prize to whoever guess's what we are looking at up there..? ***